HERBA MED is the company which by its products of top quality as well as by advice on proper nourishment has helped with elimination of various health problems in a NATURAL WAY for already 25 years.

We find the confirmation for success and good results of the HERBA MED products, provided by synergy of tradition and science, in a great number of our satisfied users.

We are proud of tradition and quality of our products.

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Lifestyle, a diet which is becoming increasingly improper and its quality poor, insufficient medical treatments and uncontrolled use of antibiotics (and other medicines), constant stress, persistent worries, new mutated viruses, bacteria, fungus and other pathogen microorganisms, are all the causes of increasing number of diseases. Above all, the following things are necessary for good health:

  • Stable and strong immune system which protects from all pathogen microorganisms and toxins that we are exposed to every day

  • Normal metabolism which means proper synchronization of the function of all the cells which participate in normal metabolism

  • Good central and peripheral blood circulation

  • Stable nervous system

  • Synchronized and correct function of all the endocrine glands, hormonal balance, etc.

Every organism is individual, diseases should be faced and treated in the same way – the lenght of the treatment as well as a combination of medicines should be individual, no matter what diagnosis is. Medicines based on herbs have very complicated chemical composition and pharmacognosia develops rapidly as opposed to chemical-based medicines, due to the fact that herbal medicines are more compatibile with the cells in the human organism and there are fewer harmful effects. When making a herbal product, due to its complicated composition, special attention has to be paid to the chemical structure of each plant and to the way in which extraction is done – cold, hot, boiling water, alcohol, wine, oil etc. are used.
Teas – herbal mixtures, may also be taken as prevention to boost immune system, improve blood circulation, clean up toxins, regulate metabolism and the like.