Tea mixture No: 66

MYOMA, SECRETION, WOUND, MENSTRUAL REGULATION, hormonal malfunction of the ovary cyst, growth on ovaries and uterus - they are all successfully treated by HERBA MED with salutary herb mixtures.

Some of these herbs function like natural antibiotics (wide spectrum), and they are combined with the herbs whose effect is anti inflammatory. Ovary cysts, no matter if they are follicular or individual, are mainly the consequence of hormonal misbalance, severe colds, unripe egg cells which form grape-like cysts and make pressure disturbing the function of ovaries.

First of all, you have to send us the results of the hormonal status, ultrasound and gynecology checkup, and based on them, certain mixtures will be used. In the first phase, some of the herbs will stimulate natural drainage and cysts will get discharged. Then, the membrane of the cyst will slowly disappear, without leaving scars. Finally, the ovaries will be released of pressure and restore its natural reproductive function. In order to follow the process of recovery, it is necessary for a patient to visit their doctor every three months. There are also herbs which stimulate and balance hormonal function and successfully dissolve cysts. Depending on doctor`s opinion and the cause of a disease, a certain therapy is recommended in order to establish a normal hormonal function and to stabilize period.

Approved by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Serbia, No 4607/2013.

Price: 600,00 din. Order