Tea mixture No: 36

ULCER– A deep wound on the mucous membrane of the stomach or duodenum is called an ulcer. It is a consequence of incorrect diet, smoking, alcohol, stress, but also Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

If it is not treated, the consequences are numerous: exhaustion, bleeding, anemia… Tea mixture No: 36 alone, or combined with other teas if necessary, helps the ulcer heal, and regulates secretion of acids and enzymes important for food digestion.

If the cause is Helicobacter pylori, certain herbs in Tea No: 36 mixture are like natural antibiotics, which are capable of eliminating the bacteria without side effects. During the therapy, the ulcer heals, a healthy scar is formed, which does not affect normal food intake any longer.

Approved by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Serbia, No 4608/2013.

Price: 600,00 din. Order