Tea mixture No: 241

SAND, GALLSTONE, INFLMMATION OF GALLBLADDER (cholelitiasis,cholecystitis). Gallstone problem, mud and chronic inflammation of the gallbladder are very common in our country.

The diet is one of the most common causes of these health problems. The stones can be of cholesterol, mixed and pigment origin. The pain around stomach, under ribs – on the right side, which spreads towards the right shank, and followed by a feeling of sickness, is a warning to see a doctor.

Only a gastroenterologist will be able to diagnose correctly what the problem is because the symptoms are often confused with ulcer on duodenum. Tea mixture No: 241 contains herbs which sooth the inflammation of the gallbladder mucous membrane and stimulate secretion of bile necessary for food digestion.

These herbs help the hard elements dissolve into bile which is then secreted from the gallbladder without pain. In order to follow the course of the treatment, a special diet is important, as well as regular ultrasound checkups.

Approved by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Serbia, No 4611/2013.

Price: 600,00 din. Order