Tea mixture No: 120

URINARY TRACT - kidneys have several important functions: they clean, filter blood and produce urine.

The experts in Herba Med have produced very effective mixture - Tea mixture No: 120 – to treat non bacterial and bacterial kidney inflammation, kidney stones. This tea contains herbs which dissolve kidney stone in kidneys, in the urinary tract or in the bladder, in a natural way, changing it into fine mud, and thus enabling its elimination without causing injuries and pain.

There are also herbs which have effect like natural antibiotics and they prevent infections and eliminate not only bacteria, but also lagging leukocytes and erythrocytes which are a possible source of new pathogen elements.

These herbs eliminate all pathogen bacteria whereas some other plants regenerate and heal the damaged mucous membrane of the urinary tract and bladder.

Approved by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Serbia, No 4606/2013.

Price: 600,00 din. Order